Technical Support

Technology is complex, but your support doesn’t have to be. We offer scalable support packages to meet your desired level of service and offer a Service Level Agreement with every technology solution we offer. Our trained technical services staff will help you with the simplest technical issue to the most complex.

JDInet  service packages include:

  • Physical desktops, laptops, tablets, including supply, configuration and service
  • Physical on-site or remote servers, including supply, configuration and service
  • Virtual desktops and server supply, configuration, and service in variable business packages
  • Network engineering, design, hardware supply, and service
  • Desktop and server system backup and restore services


Be ahead of the curve. Learn your new technology at a pace designed around you. JDINet will train you on what you need to know to be confident with your applications and systems. We offer various training programs such as one-on-one or group settings based on your organizational needs.