JDINet represents the first bundled IT services company serving the Grand Rapids, MN and greater northern Minnesota region. We’re located right here in your community.

Our President, Roger Hoyum, has been a resident of Cohasset and Grand Rapids for almost 20 years.

Our parent company, JDI Contracts Inc., provides consulting and management services for clients in the upper Midwest.

JDINet offers a robust set of services to JDI Contracts Inc., where our field teams stress test various systems at a very high level before we make them available to JDINet customers.

JDI Contracts Inc. manages multi-million dollar construction projects for energy industries. As an owner’s representative, we act on behalf of the companies that hire us to protect the interest of the owners of the projects we are involved with.

As you can imagine, large construction projects demand sophisticated computer and network hardware and software. Just like any other business, we need fast and reliable IT services.

Because we manage large construction projects, we are also often responsible for the supporting IT services. We have deep expertise in networking, firewalls, and security, and in dealing with the unique challenges of computing needs in the field during construction.

Large construction projects utilize multiple companies, from design engineers, to contractors, to owners. There can often be dozens of companies on a project – each with information to contribute to the project. Of course, each company has their own computer system – and they are all different.

In order to be effective managers, we have to design and support IT systems that allow us to manage and coordinate a large amount of data. And it must be extremely secure.

We saw the need for a platform agnostic IT system that can be accessed from anywhere, using any device – and we quickly gained experience in server and desktop virtualization.

Now we’re offering our services and expertise to the greater northern Minnesota region.

We believe in helping our hometown grow. We’re here to help our neighbors take advantage of being in a connected world in order to bring more business to northern Minnesota.


Roger and his family are very involved in the local scene, including being long-standing members of the Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce.

They are also involved with numerous non-profit organizations.

As members of the JDI family, we’re very excited to launch the JDINet Cloud. We look forward to helping your business thrive.