Your network is the nervous system for your business, connecting your team with your customers and suppliers. JDInet provides strategic plans and solutions for reliable, secure connectivity for all business needs.

Our approach is simple, straightforward, and easy to understand:


  • Meet with JDInet’s IT experts to help us understand your business needs and outcomes.
  • Discuss your current and future business and technology goals.
  • Together we’ll develop a technology roadmap that helps move your business into the future you want.


  • Design a customized solution for your business with optimal technology.
  • Develop the right service response within a budget that meets your needs.
  • We’ll help find the right solution for your business, regardless of size or complexity!


  • Installation and configuration of all network equipment, computer hardware, applications, backup and security systems.
  • Assurance that your licensing strategy is in compliance with your software vendors.
  • We’ll work together to ensure proper operation and response of all technology systems.


  • Complete application and system training to maximize productivity.
  • We offer IT Security and Best Practices training for your team to ensure your data is secure, reducing your business risk.
  • Establish clear delineation between JDInet and your internal own support team to assure you are 100% covered.


  • JDInet provides continuous service and support of your technology systems.
  • Backup and recovery solutions to minimize downtime and maximize business continuity.
  • Security systems ensure that your data is kept private and secured.

We offer scalable solutions that let you experience the benefits of on-site, remote, physical and cloud service offerings.

Direct Hardware and Software Sales Benefits your Bottom Line

JDInet offers access to several wholesale technology distributors to provide your business with a complete product offering from technology market leaders including Microsoft, Dell, and Dropbox.hand with chart

Choose JDInet for your hardware and software needs.