Louis A. Vidal

Louis Vidal is a professional Information Technology (I.T.) resource with more than 20 years of experience in numerous roles.  As JDI’s Network Manager, Louis is responsible for VMWare ESXi and View server clusters, multiple vLAN and physical network installations at several JDI and client sites.  Client responsibilities also include server, workstation, network configuration and management, backup, security, peripheral and other items.

With IT experience in legal, banking, manufacturing, distribution, and consulting, Louis has been responsible for hundreds of physical and virtual server builds, a broad variety of network technology and configuration, and countless desktop and remote computers and peripherals.  His consulting clientele have ranged from small single lawyer firms to Fortune 500 companies.  His project experience includes initial project planning, budgeting and estimating, scheduling, and executing projects.  Follow up work has often included comprehensive documentation and training materials, as well as ongoing operations support.

Application experience includes a broad variety of suppliers including Dell, HP, and others; hardware technologies including Dell, Cisco, Nortel, and others; and software including Microsoft, VMWare, VEAMM, and many others.