**Note:  A cloud computing solution has the potential to greatly reduce your infrastructure overhead.

Although we offer many services, all cloud solutions rely on a solid connection to the Internet. JDINet supplies the necessary connectivity hardware, such as a firewall, and can assist with Internet connectivity with your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

Cloud computing is a highly flexible environment with minimal overhead and management for your business. Take advantage of accessing a scalable and flexible technology framework of resources (networks, servers, storage, applications, and services) through an Internet connection**.

Cloud computing delivers value to your business by providing enterprise-class technology at a fraction of the cost. You control the requirements and leverage the scalability offered within a cloud hosting environment. Be in control of your IT expenses by managing the resources you need when you need them.

The JDInet Cloud Core


Experience high availability of your systems by using the JDInet cloud. Servers, desktops, and storage are designed with your business in mind. We provide a stable platform that takes care of all your infrastructure needs, including upgrades, backups, disaster recovery, and redundancy allowing you focus on your business.


Business needs are constantly evolving and your technology should be as fluid. A cloud solution offers you scalable resources in real-time; no waiting for hardware or software to arrive. Cloud-based services are easily provisioned and deployed.


Locating your technology in a cloud offers greater agility and mitigates your organization against failure and assist with quicker recovery should a disaster occur.


Gain IT efficiency for your organization by taking advantage of the cost savings a cloud computing solution offers. High hardware costs and software upgrade barriers are an issue of the past. Reduce capital investment and move your infrastructure to an operational expense. Cloud solutions enable businesses to lower the total cost of ownership of their technology infrastructure. A cloud model lets you, the business owner, pick the right solution based on your needs.


Our cloud systems are built with the environment in mind. We pride ourselves on using the latest virtualization technologies in an efficient datacenter. Our cloud solution offers big efficiencies by reducing power, cooling, and space requirements for your company. We take care of that for you.


We use award winning security solutions to protect your valuable business data.